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Meet the Registered Mini Pig Breeder 

Indiana Mini Pigs 

The American Mini Pig Association is proud to introduce Bryanne Lockridge of Indiana Mini Pigs in Winamac, Indiana as a Registered Breeder Member. Bryanne has taken the required steps to stand out as an honest, ethical, transparent, and supportive mini pig breeder. She has agreed to follow the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics. Her website and social media have been screened and approved by AMPA, and she has taken photos of measurements of her pigs proving their size without a doubt to avoid confusion or misunderstandings with new pig parents. Bryanne has taken the steps necessary to bring together expectation and reality! She provides thorough screening of potential pig parents and offers life time support for the pigs and their families. 

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Indiana Mini Pigs is a small hobby breeder that focuses on temperment of the mini pigs above all else. Bryanne started with pigs from amazing lines such as Little Rooters Mini Pigs. Keeping a smaller number of pigs gives Bryanne the opportunity to do what she loves best, enjoy the pigs! 


Bryanne enjoys training her pigs. They know a variety of tricks and commands. Quinn is pictured to the right, painting! That’s right, a pig that paints! Indiana Mini Pigs are treated as family with all the perks that you’d expect for any family pet, even trips to the local groomer for routine hoof care. The adults and piglets are all given individualized attention. The quality of life at Indiana Mini Pigs is top notch!


Bryanne has a policy to take back any of her mini pigs for any reason if the owner is no longer able to care for them. She ensures her pigs will never want for a good home. Bryanne is a shining example of a responsible breeder. She sets a standard that other breeders strive to meet.


Indiana Mini Pigs website mentions: “We pride ourselves on producing beautiful pigs, and doing it with honesty and integrity. Our pigs are known for their wonderful temperaments above all else.


Our pigs have been specially selected based on many important qualities such as personality, conformation, size, and color. We aim to produce the best pigs we possibly can, and to do that we need the best pigs we can get.


Each litter is special and unique to us! We can help you pick out the perfect piglet to fit into your family.


Pigs are huge commitments that nobody should have to try to figure out on their own! An informed piggy parent makes for a healthier, happier pig!” 


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