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 Meet the Registered Mini Pig Breeder 

Lakala’s Mini Pigs 

The American Mini Pig Association is proud to introduce Ashlee Wellenstein of Lakala’s Mini Pigs as a Registered Breeder Member in the state of New York. Ashlee has taken the required steps to stand out as an honest, ethical, transparent, and supportive mini pig breeder. She has agreed to follow the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics, her website and social media have been screened and approved by AMPA, and she has taken photos of measurements of her pigs proving their size without a doubt to avoid confusion or misunderstandings with new pig parents. Ashlee has taken the steps necessary to bring together expectation and reality! She provides thorough screening of potential pig parents and offers life time support for the pigs and their families. All for the love of the pigs. 

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On Lakala’s Mini Pigs website, you will find “We are focused on raising quality family friendly mini pigs. Our pigs are raised with our 4 kids. We handle our pigs daily and before coming home they are used to other animals, noises, harness walking, house training and so much more. We put so much love into our pigs and pass that quality onto the new parents of each pig. ” 


With only one or two litters per year, Lakala’s Mini Pigs are genuinely focused on raising quality family friendly mini pigs. The family enjoys teaching others about mini pigs. Their children are learning by their parent’s example to educate and advocate for these beloved pets. They are certainly doing what they love: spending time socializing the babies in their home while ensuring they are ready to be adopted. Ashlee says “mini pigs are such a smart and fun animal to be able to enjoy!” 


Ashlee went to great lengths to get the best mini pigs for her breeding program, including pigs from Wittle Piggies in South Carolina and Little Rooters Mini Pigs in Kentucky. 


Follow Lakala’s Mini Pigs on Facebook to watch the piglets grow and see them being socialized in the home. If you fall completely in love with a piglet that has been spoken for, you’ll be pleased to find Ashlee posts updates and photos of those pigs in their new homes, enjoying life! Lakala’s Mini Pigs has honest and genuine follow through. Join the Lakala’s Mini Pigs extended family & you’ll never feel alone or abandoned.   




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