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Meet the Registered Mini Pig Breeder 

Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs! 

The American Mini Pig Association is proud to introduce Marlent Piedra of Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs! in Hollywood, Florida as a Registered Breeder Member. Marlent has taken the required steps to stand out as an honest, ethical, transparent, and supportive mini pig breeder. She has agreed to follow the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics. Her website and social media have been screened and approved by AMPA, and she has taken photos of measurements of her pigs proving their size without a doubt to avoid confusion or misunderstandings with new pig parents. Marlent has taken the steps necessary to bring together expectation and reality! She provides thorough screening of potential pig parents and offers life time support for the pigs and their families. 

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Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs! specializes in healthy, social, blue-eyed mini pigs. Marlent has been raising miniature pigs for over 14 years making her one of the most experienced mini pig breeders in the nation. She is a USDA and FWC licensed breeder. 


View the mama pigs here, and the papa pigs here.


Marlent’s farm is an extraordinary place for animals & animal lovers. She raises mini pigs, KuneKune pigs, Meishan pigs, but also has chickens, ducks, and monkeys! Be sure to follow Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs! on Facebook and Instagram for your daily dose of cute, adorable photos and videos.



Marlent has a huge heart for the animals she loves. She puts a lot of time into providing educational resources, screening potential homes, and matching up her precious pigs with the perfectly prepared families. She is involved in the mini pig community helping in every way she can. She often reaches out to strangers to lend a hand when someone is in need. Her generosity and compassion are obvious to all that have had the pleasure to know her. 


At Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs, Marlent’s first concern is always for the welfare of the pigs. She has a strict application process to ensure the welfare of her mini pigs. If you are not in driving distance, Marlent does offer shipping via airlines. She is an experienced shipper with focus on the comfort and safety of the piglets while providing the families with a portion of food they are accustomed to and a thorough educational booklet to help the pig parents get started. 


Marlent has a policy to take back any of her mini pigs for any reason if the owner is no longer able to care for them. She ensures her pigs will never want for a good home. Marlent is a shining example of a responsible breeder. She sets a standard that other breeders strive to meet.


Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs! website mentions: “We are an experienced USDA and FWC licensed breeder, specializing in rare blue-eyed miniature pigs. At Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs! we have been raising miniature pet pigs for over fourteen years. Our precious tiny miniatures are a product of responsible selective breeding practices.


We have achieved much success by combining genetic management in collaboration with maintaining optimal characteristics traits of the miniature pig such as size, color, intelligence, and good temperament.


We are convinced that our exceptional breeding program is a result of the passion and dedication for our miniature pigs and commitment to our adopting piggy parents.


It is with heartfelt loyalty that we join our piggies with favorable homes, ensuring them and their new families endless years of happiness!



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