Pearl the Mini Pig Hero Teaches Children Responsibility!

Pearl the Mini Pig Hero

Teaches Children Responsibility & Advocacy  


Pearl is a mini pig hero at Springmont Montessori school in Georgia. She is owned by the Head of School, Jerri King. Pearl’s hero story begins at Pigs in a Pocket, an AMPA Registered Breeder. Pigs in a Pocket focuses on temperment while treating the mini pigs as part of the family. This school also teaches how to write a good 250 word essay about mini pigs and describe this in a good way. 

The children of Springmont school had a lot of preparation before they were eligible to welcome a mini pig to campus. This process required research, oral presentations, advocacy meetings, coordination and cooperation. The students needed to fully understand the responsibility involved in adding a mini pig to the school. Part of their research included learning about the importance of training. They also had to understand mini pig behavior, interactions, and hierarchy. 


In the school’s newsletter, Jerri writes “Now, this class of students will help develop the plans for training, walking, housing, feeding and obtaining holiday care. The collaboration, communication, problem solving and leadership opportunities are real, meaningful and I suspect, empowering to these students but the impact of Pearl, and our other animals, is ongoing and reaches students of all ages. I have witnessed children, afraid of dogs (and goats), develop their resiliency and conquer their fears as they learned more about goat behavior, witnessed successful encounters and challenged themselves, on their own time. These are the small experiences out of which a sense of self and one’s ability to persevere are born, not to mention a natural context for zoology, geography, anatomy, vocabulary and art! Springmont looks a lot like a park, a zoo – a learning lab. And your children love it!”


At Jerri’s side, Pearl has taught these children one of the most valuable lessons of all. The respect of life. The responsibility we hold in our hands when we bring pets into our lives. Pearl the mini pig has helped countless children become educated advocates for mini pigs. This is a lesson those children will carry with them through the years. Our future generation of mini pig advocates! 


Thank you, Pearl, for making a difference for the children and for the mini pigs. 

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