Rescue of the Year Award 2018 My Pig Filled Life


Rescue of the Year Award: Positive Community Impact

My Pig Filled Life


The AMPA is honored to present the 2018 Rescue of the Year: Positive Community Impact Award to My Pig Filled Life rescue for outstanding efforts in creating positive change that will inspire and promote rescue in future generations!


• Educates with kindness – for the pigs

• Advocates for responsible pet pig care. Promotes accessibility to educational & supportive resources 

• Spay, neuter, and microchip all pigs before placing them in their new homes

• Committed to actively seeking adoptive homes with pre-adoption screening and post-adoption support

• Continued education through peers, veterinarians, pig parents, online forums, websites, and/or books.


In appreciation of this rescue’s contributions to the community, the AMPA – American Mini Pig Association & American Mini Pig Rescue offer: 


• Invitation as guest speaker to yearly AMPA Vacation Conference 

• 20 Adoption Bundles from AMPA

• 20 Microchips from AMPR

• $250 grant from American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates Spay & Neuter Fund (paid to veterinarian)

• Award blog on AMPA website with link to donate

• Certificate of Recognition

About My Pig Filled Life


My Pig Filled Life is a 501c3 organization operating as a non profit organization specifically dedicated to promoting and supporting the rescue & care of mini pigs by providing the compassion, commitment and companionship they deserve. This started like many of you with a mini pig and big heart. After a few months of educating myself, I saw a growing need for rescue facilities in East Texas. So me and my Pearl started My Pig Filled Life Mini Pig Rescue to do what we could to make a difference in the lives of mini pigs.


A letter from Melanie, My Pig Filled Life founder: 


“I’m a single mom to two kids. I work full time as a consultant in the restaurant industry. I love GOD! Serve as a children’s ministry leader and love the outdoors! And I love piggies! How I got started with piggies. A few years back I saw a pair of piglets on a local livestock page. Like most people I didn’t know a thing about mini pigs or any pigs for that matter. BUT they were so cute right!?! A short while later I added two more piggies to the family! More cuteness and those itty bitties are just the best! Not long after adding our second pair did I realize I needed education about their needs, best habitats, feeding, etc. So like many I joined the pig pages to learn. Quickly I realized I didn’t know anything but more than that I saw so many pigs needing to be rehomed. So I offered to foster a pig. It was awesome! Soon I opened my farm to many others and quickly was at a dozen! Seeing more and more heartbreaking stories I prayed about next steps. I truly believe that GOD has given me this farm and a huge heart to make a difference for these pigs.Today I’m at 51 piggies with two rescues pregnant! We’ve quadrupled piggies in a year and don’t regret one moment. I’ve learned so much! Met the most amazing pigrents! Formed a non-profit…..all with the hopes to educate others about mini pigs and provide love to those abandoned and neglected. Mini pigs are the best pet when you’re educated, committed, compassionate and can afford the proper vet care.”




LIKE My Pig Filled Life Facebook page & share posts to show your support. 


LEARN MORE on My Pig Filled Life website.


DONATE to help My Pig Filled Life continue saving lives.


VOLUNTEER to support My Pig Filled Life’s mission. If you are in East Texas, contact the rescue to schedule a volunteer day, ask to be added to a list of transporters, or apply to foster. If you are not able to visit personally, offer your personal or professional skills to the rescue. Don’t hesitate to reach out, you never know what a blessing your contributions may be!


SPONSOR a pig at the rescue to help cover their food & care while until they find an adoptive home. 


ADOPT a rescued pig! My Pig Filled Life spays, neuters, and microchips pigs before they are placed for adoption. The rescue can help to match you with the perfect addition to your family with long term support for success!