Skooter the Mini Pig-A true hero story!


 “I have to tell you what happened tonight! Little Skooter still prefers to live upstairs away from the other pig, so we close doors and put a gate at the top of the steps so he has room to roam.Tonight he was screaming at the top of the stairs by the gate. I mean screaming. And it was not his normal SPS scream because he feels he needs food or attention. It was a scream that made me think he was in excruciating pain, and one I had never heard.


I ran up the stairs and opened the gate and he took two steps back and continued to scream the same strange scream and kept looking to his right.I opened the bathroom door and found Joshua in the middle of a horrible attack in the bathtub and almost unconscious. Skooter ran in with me and just rested his snout on the side of the tub while I tended to him. He stayed right by Josh’s side for an hour and forty minutes, making sure they were touching, until his attack ended and we could get him into his bed.


I love my pigs. I think they are so fun and intelligent. And I love that they are attached to their family. Tonight I saw firsthand that they are intuitive beyond what a mother can be, and that they love and care deeper than most humans.SO incredibly thankful for this baby you sent our boy. Tonight could have turned out much differently if it weren’t for this hero piglet.  Know that your work goes so far beyond being a wonderful breeder XOXO”

 Skooter the Mini Pig-A true hero story!

This note was received by AMPA Registered mini pig Breeder, Charming Mini Pigs.  A very special piglet was donated to a family with a son with special needs.  The young man needed a companion and he ended up receiving a hero.


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