AMPA Therapy Pig Directory

Welcome to the AMPA Therapy Pig Directory. Here you will find certified therapy pigs and their owner/handlers that have completed our therapy pet training program.

Therapy pigs are excellent for visiting schools, libraries, reading programs, senior living centers, community events, birthdays, office events, etc. Pigs are incredibly sensitive and intuitive animals. Their presence can relieve stress, anxiety, and improve overall mood. They have a gift for creating smiles and sparking incredible conversations. Therapy pigs can lift spirits, lower blood pressure, and relieve loneliness.

Sherri Friend and Jorge, Gilbert, AZ (480)-209-4415 Email: SLFRIEND33@GMAIL.COM

Lindsey Osborn and Juno, Discovery Bay, CA (951)-941-1841 Email:

Brenda Bender and Brody Baxter Barrington, Denver, CO (720)810-5851 Email:

Dawn Bleeker and Joy the Mini Pig, Newton, IA (641)-275-1356 Email:

Laura Gardner Tong and Abby Grace, Kingman, KS (316)-640-1795 Email:

Kelly Beggs and Priscilla, Savonburg, KS (620)-431-8938 Email:

Remington Paul and Paisley Pig, Buckeye, LA (318)201-7867 Email:

Chad & Krista Webster and Sgt. Snuggles, Indian Trail, NC (704)-200-1969 Email:

Tammera Richards and Zena Warrior Pig Princess, Portland, OR (503)267-4861 Email:

Sue Valladares and Charlotte the Pig, Austin TX (512)-839-5339 Email:

Brittany Graves and Calypso Gabriella Lucia Graves, Cleveland, TN (423)-506-7949 Email:

Allyson Sonsteng and Ginger & Roger, Snohomish, WA (425)-917-4089 Email:

Ruth Forget and Miss Molly, Ontario, Canada, (613)813-2133

Natasha Dominetto, Surrey, United Kingdom The Pig Father