AMPA Ethics Approval Checklist for Breeder Member Applications

AMPA Ethics Approval Checklist

Welcome to the AMPA Family! Now that you have completed the AMPA Breeder application you may need to follow the steps listed below for our committee to approve your membership status.


  1. Read the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics thoroughly to ensure compliance.
  • Remove misleading terms from your website, social media and advertising. These terms may include but are not limited to, teacup, micro, and nano.
  • Remove weights under 50 pounds from your website, social media and advertising. While some young pigs do weigh less than this, it is very rare for a mature 5 year old mini pig to weigh less than 50 pounds. Even more so, low weights give potential owners a false perception of what their pig may mature to. The AMPA will gladly document your proof of weight allowing us to record this data over time proving the size of your lineage. This will give us the verifiable data the community needs to understand pig growth and weight, potentially allowing you to offer customers weight guestimates on piglets in the future.
  • Add birthdates and/or current ages to all parent pig pictures on website.
  • Schedule neuters for all male piglets that will be sold as pets before they leave for their new homes. This should be reflected on your website and advertising as well. Males should not go home on neuter contracts. When feasible, schedule female piglet’s spay surgeries before leaving for their new homes. If this is not possible, a spay contract should be signed and enforced.
  • Other areas that breeders may need to update in their breeding practices is to keep babies with their moms until they are fully weaned, socialize babies early, never sell bottle babies, do not place babies in homes until 6-8 weeks, and do not breed sows or boars until they are of age listed in the AMPA Breeder’s Code of Ethics.

*Continual failure to comply with the AMPA’s Breeder Code of Ethics will result in disqualification of the breeder from membership, and the breeder will be removed from our directory and registry if so decided by the AMPA ethics committee whose members have no financial or personal gain. 


  1. Once your website, social media, advertising, and breeding practices follow the AMPA Breeder’s Code of Ethics, please email the committee at to let them you know are ready for final approval. Once the committee has reviewed your sites, they will respond by email with your approval or suggest areas that need attention before the approval process may be completed.


  1. When you have been approved as a Breeder Member, you will be added to the AMPA Breeder’s Map on the website. This map has very high traffic. You will also receive an invitation to the AMPA Breeder’s Group on Facebook for an introductory period. This invite is typically sent out by email. If you have not received an invitation please email us or message us on the AMPA Facebook page.


  1. Congratulations! As an approved Breeder Member you are now eligible to become an AMPA Registered Breeder by registering at minimum a pair of your breeding pigs, a boar and a sow. Becoming a Registered Breeder is the highest level of registration. This comes with a wealth of added benefits. Immediately upon registering your pigs you will be eligible to have your logo and a direct link to your business website placed on our map. This will drive direct traffic right to your website!  Read more about Registered Breeder benefits here. Remember there are discounts for registering multiple pigs and we can also arrange monthly payment plans to assist you in getting your herd registered.



Visit our website to learn more about mini pigs, find a registered mini pig breeder, become a member of the AMPA and register your mini pig in the official mini pig registry! 


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