Proof of Age For Registered Mini Pigs


Proving Age For Mini Pig Registration  

Proof of birthdate is a mandatory part of registering your breeding mini pigs. This is not an easy task in all cases. Unfortunately, this data has not been routinely collected and verified in the past. This proof will become more and more common as pigs are registered and tracked with the AMPA Registry. 


Proving age of registered mini pigs is an important step in collecting verifiable data in the permanent AMPA Registry Database.  All data that is collected needs to be proven rather than assumed to be true. This is the only way to ensure all information in the registry is valiad and accurate. The two main items that will need to be verified are measurements and age. 


Age verification is only required at the time the pig’s registration is submitted. Mini pigs that are born to AMPA Registered parents and were registered as a litter do not need to verify age as their date of birth has already been recorded in the database. 


Acceptable forms of proof of age: 


  • Dated photo of piglet 
  • Screenshot capture of a dated Facebook post of the piglet
  • Dated receipt from veterinarian
  • Birth Certificate
  • AMPA Registration Certificate
  • Dated contract from breeder
  • Other dated documents or evidence of the first time you took possesion of the pig




Documents from other registries cannot be accepted as proof of age for AMPA Registration. 


The exact date does not have to be verified, but the approximate age is important. If you can provide proof of age for the piglet at the earliest point possible, then the AMPA can approximate the date of birth. 


Ideally, breeders will have a screenshot of the first post they made showing off their new piglet with a date visible. Most people post a photo of their new bundle of joy when they arrive. This is a great source for proof of age. 



If you find another document or paperwork that proves you had possession of the pig at a certain point in the past, please contact us to see if it qualifies as proof of age. 


If proof of age cannot be obtained, the mini pig will be registered with the date of registration as the birth date. 


If proof of age cannot be obtained, but a past photo or document is obtained, the date on that record will be listed as date of birth in the AMPA Registry. For example, if the earliest dated photo you have of Oinker on January 1st 2015 but you claim his birthday as August 8th 2010, then his date of birth will be recorded as January 1st 2015. If at some point in time you find documentation of his earlier age, the AMPA will gladly update the database. 


We highly recommend breeders register their breeding pigs and register the litters to start tracking and proving ages, measurements, and collecting a wide range of data on these pigs. 

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