Provisional Membership – A Step to AMPA Breeder Membership


The AMPA – American Mini Pig Association is now offering Provisional Membership for breeders that may benefit from additional support in order to fully meet the standards of the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics, as determined by the AMPA Ethics.

Provisional Breeder Members’ applications and breeding practices have been reviewed for compliance with the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics.

Provisional Membership is valid for a 6 month period with support and guidance from the AMPA to build your business while meeting the highest ethical standards in the industry. This temporary provisional membership is a stepping stone to full AMPA Breeder Membership that will allow you to register your breeding pigs.

During the Provisional Membership period you will be invited to the AMPA Breeders Facebook group for a wealth of resources and support to help you through the transition of becoming an AMPA Breeder.

You will be expected to open and maintain a public Facebook page to showcase your business, your responsible practices, share mini pig educational resources, support for your customers, and introduce your herd.

After 6 months, your breeding practices will be re-evaluated for membership. If you comply with the AMPA Breeder’s Code of Ethics and meet all standards, you will be given full AMPA Breeder Membership & invited to register your breeding pigs for the inclusive benefits the AMPA has to offer. If at this point in time you are unable to meet the ethical standards required, your membership will be terminated.

The full AMPA Breeder’s Code of Ethics can be found here. Failure to comply with the code of ethics at any point in time may terminate your membership.

If there are any questions or concerns, please email





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