Mini Pig Breeder Articles

AMPA Ethics Approval Checklist

Welcome to the AMPA Family! Now that you have completed the AMPA Breeder application you may need to follow the steps listed below for our committee to approve your membership status.   Read the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics thoroughly to ensure compliance. Remove misleading terms from your website, social med [...]

Mini Pig Breeds

There are at least 14+ different pure breeds of miniature pigs.  Some are commonly recognized and others are considered rare or extinct.  Listed below are some of those pure breeds, but there are also many mixed breed pigs in the pet pig world who’s ancestry may never be known.  Pigs of pure and mix breeds come in many heights, shapes and sizes.  The goal of the AMPA is to begin a registry for today’s American [...]

Breeder Resources: Housing Your Pigs

HOUSING YOUR PIGS There are many options when it comes to the way that you house your pigs. There is no right way or specific materials that you must use. You can be as creative as you imagine or as simple as you wish. Be sure to incorporate things such as toys or other items for enrichment to ensure happy and active pigs. Materials For Fencing- There are many materials that can be used when buildin [...]

Breeder Resources: Mini Pig Farrowing

Farrowing Basics So you have got a pregnant sow/gilt (sows are girls who have given birth previously, gilts are girls in their first pregnancy) that’s nearing their due date and you want to make you’re prepared. First you want to make sure you’ve got all the supplies on hand that you might need. • A farrowing pen/stall. This is important [...]

What to Look for in Breeding Stock

Hold tight while we gather all of the best information we can find.   Coming soon!