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AMPA Mini Pig Resources


The American Mini Pig Association has worked tirelessly to provide the community with a wealth of resources in the education, care, and advocacy of mini pigs. If you have ideas of resources you would like to see available publicly, please share your thoughts! You can reach us by email at

Find a Registered AMPA Breeder at Find a breeder near you to visit. Most AMPA Breeders are able to ship your piglet to the airport near you for a quick and seamless trip to their new home. We have Registered Breeders across the United States and Canada that have been very thoroughly screened and held to the highest ethical standards

registered piglets

Search the Mini Pig Classifieds for available AMPA Registered Piglets from the honest, ethical, and highly respected breeders. 

pre loved pigs
rescue pigs

Ready to rescue? Find your perfect 

match in the Pre Loved Pigs 

category on Mini Pig Classifieds 

or on the Pre Loved Pigs group on 

Facebook. Listings include urgent 

rescue situations, pigs in shelters and animal control facilities, and families that must find a new home for their pig.  

mini pig veterinarian

Find a Mini Pig Veterinarian on the AMPA’s Nationwide Vet Map


The American Mini Pig Rescue has compiled a list of veterinarian’s that offer Low(er) Cost Spay and Neuters, here. If you know of a vet offering these services for less than $200, please email the information to:

 Find a Registered Breeder

Find a Registered Piglet, Available Piglets

Adopt a Pre Loved Pig!

Find a Mini Pig Veterinarian

American Mini Pig Store

mini pig store

The American Mini Pig Store  has a wealth of resources and items for mini pig families and advocates. Hoodies, tshirts, hats, mugs, treat cookbooks, mini pig care books, mini pig calendars, downloadable and printable educational materials, word games, mazes, coloring pages, a FREE 56 page zoning packet, Swine Cards (mini pig e-cards), and lots more! There are also categories to support the American Mini Pig Rescue and American Mini Pig Education 501c3 nonprofit organizations. 

Say NO to 'Micro'
mini pig coloring page

Swine Cards – Coming Soon!

Rescue Advocates Spay Neuter Assistance  

mini pig neuter assistance

The American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates offers Spay and Neuter Assistance for mini pig owners and rescues when funds are available. This 501c3 nonprofit organization program is built and funded solely on donations. Donate or apply here


Support AMPA Nonprofit Orgs

 Donate to 

American Mini Pig Rescue  

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mini pig blanket drive
Petunia's pbj

Microchip Placement 

 Articles and Blogs 

Rescue and Sanctuary Blanket Drive  

AMPA Standardized Microchip Placement for owners and veterinarians. 

Educational articles and blogs: 

Mini pig care, treat recipes, training guides, medical care, and lots more!

Donate a blanket to the rescue and sanctuary pigs. A blanket for every pig, we dream big!, mini pig vets, ampa vets

The AMPA is also offering free membership to veterinarian’s interested in joining the Veterinary Outreach Program. Use this flyer to invite your veterinarian!