Feral Pigs As Pets – A Rewarding Bond Full of Responsibility

Amy-Lauren Lum Won, pig mom to Princess Mango the Polynesian Wild Pig wrote the following to shed light on the many challenges and preparations that need to be considered before adding a feral pig to your family. Feral pigs can make wonderful, amazing pets with proper love and dedication, but the decision needs to be made with much forethought to protect the health and future of the pig.

 I  want anyone in the position to consider what I have to say as a mom to a former feral pig:

While Princess Mango is the joy of my life, there are certain responsibilities that come with owning her. We can never, ever move off Kauai. She is legal here for me to own, but not to move interisland. That might not sound like a big deal, but we are essentially “trapped” here with her for the remainder of her life. There are many states that have “shoot on sight” laws against feral pigs. In some states these laws are so strict that some potbelly pigs have been mistakenly shot by DLNR officers. It is important to know that you have access to a vet that will treat your pig. Some vets will refuse to treat feral pigs. It is also important to initially quarantine the pig away from your other pigs as it is possible for the pig to have brucellosis, pseudorabies, or other things…this can have serious consequences if you do not. Finally I have to say that the responsibility of owning one of these amazing animals is so great that if you are feeling uncertain, you might want to consider reaching out to a reputable sanctuary as a permanent home for the pig…it would help if you offered to sponsor.



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