Needle Teeth Clipping in Piglets


Needle Teeth Clipping

Piglets are born with 8 needle teeth; 4 are incisors and 4 are canine teeth.  These are considered baby teeth and they will eventually fall out, however in some piglets or litters it may be necessary to clip them.  


Piglets are born eyes open and running.  They start establishing their hierarchy within hours of birth.  They can scuffle and rough house in their efforts to show dominance and that can result in torn ears and scratches.  If piglets are showing tears or cuts to their ears it would be advisable to clip the needle teeth.


If a piglet is rough taking treats or has shown to be a biter it and their are small children in the home, clipping needle teeth can prevent accidental injury to the kids.


To clip needle teeth you need a heavy wire cutter like those found at craft stores, or sharp, heavy duty nail clippers.  You want a cutter that is small and easy to handle, but sharp enough to make a nice, clean cut.


Wrap the piglet in a towel or blanket tightly and raise the lips away from the teeth.  You may need to have a second set of hands to help hold the piglet or the lips so that you can work quickly and accurately.  Once the lips are raised you can slip the cutter into the mouth and snip the long needle teeth with a level cut just above the gumline.  Be sure to watch closely to avoid lips and tongue with the cutters.


There will be 2 on each side, upper and lower.  This does not cause any pain, but the piglets may experience stress from being held tightly.

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