DIY Food Dispenser Mini Pig Enrichment For Meals & Treats

No Boring Meals! 

Why feed out of a bowl when you can easily provide fun enrichment activities that work the body and mind? Incorporating meals into enrichment offers your mini pig a more satisfying meal. Choose enrichment activities that hone in and use a pig’s natural behaviors to prevent boredom, destructive behaviors, and aggression. 













DIY Food Dispenser

Make your own DIY Food Dispenser for meals, treats, or snacks. 



What You Need


  • Bottle
  • Tool to make holes
  • Food 


Choose your bottle. Pictured is a 5 gallon hard plastic water bottle. These can be acquired cheap or free, purchased brand new or re-purposed when they are cracked, no longer hold water, or lose a lid. Smaller 3 gallon bottles are also appropriate. These hard plastic bottles will last years, indoors or outdoors. They are very sturdy, difficult to break or smash. The hard water jugs may be used with or without the lid. Alternatively, 2-liter bottles, juice bottles, and milk jugs may be used. These are temporary toys, may be destroyed during use, and should never have a loose lid left on that can be swallowed or choked on. A great choice to make use of recycling before discarding. 


Choose your tools. Use tools appropriate for your bottle. The 3 & 5 gallon hard plastic water jugs will require a drill or dremel tool. Softer plastic gallon water jugs, milk jugs, juice bottles, and 2-liter bottles are soft enough for scissors to make decent holes. 


Choose your food. Decide what food(s) you will use in the bottle. This will dictate the size of holes you use. Common foods for enrichment toys are: mini pig pellets, rolled oats, black oil sunflower seeds, AMPA Mini Pig Trail Mix, AMPA Mini Pig Natural Diet Dry Mix, nuts, seeds, grains, Cheerios, or other whole grain cereals.








Sharp’s Mini Pig Food


How To Make Your Own Toy

Use appropriate tool(s) to make holes in bottle. Consider your food choice(s) and how challenging you want the toy. If it’s too easy, they will gobble the food quickly. If it’s too challenging, they will become frustrated and lose interest. Find a balance in the middle, depending on your pig’s personality. This is the perfect customizable toy! 


Choose your challenge level. 


For more challenge, use smaller (sized appropriately for food) holes. For less challenge, use larger holes that food will fall out faster. 


For more challenge, spread fewer holes throughout the bottle so the food slowly and sparingly flows out. For less challenge, placed many holes on one side of the toy so ample food spills out at once. 










Make It Fun!

Use pellets at meal times or snacks in between meals. 


Put in the yard and give your pig a great run. 


Use in the house for busy fun while you’re at work. 


Hang from a tree for a swinging pignanta! If this is chosen, you’ll want to put holes on the bottom of the jug so food can spill out when the jug is nudged. 


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Introducing the new 

AMPA Therapy Pig Training & Certification Program  

This self-paced program will lead you on the path to learning what is needed to begin using your mini pig as a therapy pet in your community. Therapy pets change lives as they visit nursing homes, retirement communities, schools, libraries, and more.  Using a mini pig as a therapy animal not only makes a lasting impact on the humans he meets, but it gives the opportunity to educate on the truths of mini pig pet ownership.  You and your pig will be ambassadors for the mini pig community while you spread some smiles, laughs, and love to those who may be needing it. 


Included in the program is an online educational course that will need to be completed by you, the owner/handler on basic mini pig care and health, educational information about mini pigs to share on your visits, important information on understanding pig behaviors, and essential tools to help you train your pig in preparation for certification.  


Your mini pig will begin the training process, if he/she has not already mastered the required skills.  You will have all the support you need from the AMPA team to get those skills perfected.  We will require video submissions of the required skills once you and your mini pig have mastered them.  If your mini pig has already been training and working in the community, you and your pig will be ready to jump right in for certification testing.



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 The AMPA’s official Mini Pig Training Handbook: Tricks, Life Skills, and Communication With Your Mini Pig is the first training book of it’s kind! An impressive 130 pages full of training instruction, behavior, communication, problem solving, aggression, tricks, manners, and FULL COLOR or B & W photos to help you visualize the wonderful companion that is within your reach.


One of the keys to a long and successful relationship with your mini pig is training and enrichment. Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals. Highly trainable and they thrive when their minds are stimulated and challenged. A well trained pig is a happy pig. Every time you train with your mini pig, you are improving your communication and strengthening your bond. Training teaches your mini pig the skills she needs to be a well behaved member of the family. Training also gives her the tools she needs to communicate with you.


Basic Life Skills ♦ Harness and Leash ♦ Potty Training ♦ Fun Tricks  Obstacle Course ♦ Teaching Respect ♦ Enrichment Activities

Order Your Copy Today! 

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Mini Pig Training Handbook

Tricks, Life Skills, and Communication 

With Your Mini Pig 


Visit our website to learn more about mini pigs, find a registered mini pig breeder, become a member of the AMPA and register your mini pig in the official mini pig registry! 


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