DIY Pig Toy – Mini Pig Spin the Bottle Game – Treat Dispensing Toy


Spin the Bottle 

DIY Pig Treat DispensingToy 

Photos provided by Andrea Francesconi 


Every pig needs mental stimulation and enrichment in their life. This easy DIY pig treat dispensing toy is a great way to keep them busy with a challenge! 


Here’s some tips for constructing your Spin the Bottle:

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  • Make the base wider than you think necessary 
  • Make sure there’s clearance for your bottles to spin completey 
  • 2 Liter bottles may be too flimsy for pigs, try Simply Orange bottles
  • Bottles need to be replaced periodically, make your bar removable
  • Search google images for ideas from simple to extravagent!
  • Use different bottles for different treats. Chopped veggies or cheerios will need larger holes than pellets, Sharp’s Mini Pig Food Pumpkin Treat, rolled oats, or AMPA Mini Pig Trail Mix




Andrea Francesconi was kind enough to share her images and tips with us. Geno the 2 year old mini pig in Maryland is a wonderful model!





When you build your own spin the bottle game, share your pictures with us on Facebook or email to




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