Snout Art Helps Emergency Veterinary Bill for Minx the Mini Pig


 Help Minx The Mini Pig 

Lifesaving Emergency Veterinary Bills 










Minx the mini pig is in serious trouble. She is currently at the veterinary hospital fighting for her life. Her mom, Amber Slankard, noticed Minx wasn’t feeling well. She kept a close eye on her. When Minx started vomiting, Amber knew something was terribly wrong. She rushed Minx to the hospital. 


After several tests, it was determined Minx had an obstruction in her digestive tract. She was prepped for emergency exploratory surgery. 


Watch Minx’s heart touching post op video here


Amber’s first update after Minx’s surgery on April 9th: “They just finished with her a bit ago and she’s still waking up. She was under for about 5 hours.She did well under anesthesia, but the Dr said she’d not really seen a worse stomach than Minx’s was. It was full of fluid, extremely red and angry; there was a small piece of a plastic bag (which is the only thing I could even think of as the culprit, because Minx likes to play with them, though I don’t let her knowingly). The vet placed 3 layers of sutures, where she normally only does 2, but she was very concerned about her internal organs…She said that as full of fluids her stomach was, it was good that we got to this today or it would have been devastating.The bad news: as compromised as everything was, she’s concerned that there may be leakage. She said that usually if they make it past the 3-4 day stage post-op without trouble they’re “safe.” But the Dr kept stressing how concerned she was/is.”


After the surgery to remove the stomach contents and plastic bag that made her so sick, Minx struggled with pain and the medications that were meant to ease her discomfort. 


She is now finally starting to turn around on April 12th. Sweet little Minx is feeling a bit better!! Once she starts eating she will be allowed to go home to her waiting family where she will hopefully start to eat better int he comfort of her own home. 


Her veterinary bill has skyrocketed to over $2500. 


Snout Art is contributing by auctioning off a painting that was painted especially for Minx’s cause. Visit Snout Art on Facebook to join in the bidding. 100% of funds raised will go to Minx’s veyterinary bills. 


If you would like to contribute directly to the medical bills, you can pay the veterinarian over the phone:

Prairie Ridge Animal Hospital 

(316) 201-6292


Or, donate to Mo Money For Pigs by sending paypal donation to and make a note that the donation is for “Minx” in the comment. 


All this pain and suffering caused by a little piece of plastic bag!! Please watch your pets around plastic bags and keep them out of reach. Even if you think they are just playing and not eating them, you could be shocked by the  damage that is done to your friend.


Above all, please send your best wishes to Minx the Mini Pig as she struggles through this horrible fight for her life! 

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