Say No To Micro – Eliminate Misleading Terms From Mini Pig Advertising


Say No To Micro! Sign and share with the mini pig community to educate that the use of misleading size labels will not be supported.



Help eliminate the use of misleading and misused labels in the mini pig community. Stop selling and buying mini pigs labeled as micros, teacups, nanos, pixie pigs. These labels do not classify breeds or types of pigs, they are only marketing terms to describe the potential size of a mini pig.  The labels have no standard or definition.  They do not and can not reflect the actual adult size or weight of a piglet.

The labels are confusing and misleading!!  It has to stop!!  Far too many pigs are homeless because of an unrealistic size label that was placed on the ad or breeder website combined with a lack of research on the part of the owner.

Sign and share the petition to help educate the community.  Breeders and owners alike.

Mini pigs are beautiful in their TRUE size. It’s time to be honest and transparent about the size of mini pigs. Mini pigs exist!  Say no to the labels!!  Say no to micro!

Special thanks to Kevin Gottuso of Pigxel Art for design work in the “Say No To Micro” image of Little Rooters Mini Pigs Charlotte.


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