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Become an AMPA Registered Breeder


     1. Apply for Breeder Membership here

     2. Comply with changes for Ethics Approval

     3. Register your breeding pigs here


Thank you for your interest in joining the American Mini Pig Association as a dedicated, honest, and reputable breeder. You will be joining a wonderful team of caring and respected breeders that are held to a higher standard. Pet owners are also encouraged to become members and register their pigs. The process to become a breeder and register your breeding pigs requires more steps than pet owner membership to assure quality and consistency within the registry.


The first step is to become a Breeder Member here.


Becoming a member is easy! The application to become a member asks basic questions about your business. You will be required to sign the AMPA Breeder’s Code of Ethics. Please read through the code carefully to ensure you are eligible for membership. The most common changes breeders make to follow the AMPA Breeder’s Code of Ethics is eliminating misleading marketing terms from their website, social media, and advertising such as micro, teacup, and nano. The end of the form will have upload boxes to upload photos of your property where your mini pigs are housed. This is simply to ensure their basic needs are being met and they are protected from the elements as required by the AMPA Breeder’s Code of Ethics.


Shortly after your Breeder Member application is received, your website and social media will be reviewed for Ethics Approval. Read more about the membership approval process here.  If changes are required, please send an email to when you are ready for Ethics Approval.


Once your application has been approved you will receive an email invitation to join the AMPA Registered Breeders group on Facebook for an introductory period of 30 days. This time will allow you to get to know the other members involved, gain some insight into the organization and inner workings. Most importantly, this opportunity will help guide you through the pig registration process in order to become a Registered Breeder.


Joining the AMPA as a Breeder Member is an important step, but it is only the beginning! The next step is to register your mini pigs to become a Registered Breeder and enjoy all the benefits AMPA has to offer. 


Become a Registered Breeder! 


Register your mini pigs to become a Registered Breeder to enjoy the full list of benefits for yourself, your business, your pigs, and your customers. 


To become an AMPA Registered Breeder, members will register (at minimum) a pair of breeding pigs, a sow and a boar. Registering your breeding pigs will provide useful data for the AMPA Registry, give your customers confidence in your honesty and transparency, and permanently records your mini pig in AMPA history.  


The benefits of registering your mini pigs to become an AMPA Registered Breeder are: 


  • Listed on the Nationwide AMPA Breeders directory
  • Eligibility to post advertisements on AMPA’s Mini Pig Classifieds 
  • High website/social media traffic driving sales from educated owners
  • Certificate of Registration for your registered mini pigs 
  • Official Piglet Birth Certificates for your pig owners 
  • Official Pedigrees of your registered mini pigs 
  • Registered Breeder Certificate to display your accomplishment
  • Use of AMPA registered seal and logos for your marketing purposes
  • Permanent online record keeping, reports, finances, and documents
  • Start tracking lineage, health, and medical records of your herd
  • Track piglets and owners
  • Your pig’s permanent ID or microchip number stored in database
  • Advertising  opportunities
  • Continuing educational updates
  • Participation in AMPA Breeders Facebook group
  • Offer your pig owners the unlimited support of the AMPA
  • Be a part of DNA testing and database research
  • Legitimize your business 
  • Opportunities for featured blog write ups
  • Opportunities for Social Media and Website Promotions
  • The use of AMPA educational materials and images
  • Provide your customers with the opportunity to become an AMPA Ambassador on your behalf
  • Opportunity to become a bronze, silver, or gold star breeder with the AMPA
  • Purchase promotional and educational materials with your business and AMPA logo


How To Register Your Mini Pigs 

Register your mini pigs to become an AMPA Registered Breeder. Only breeders with at least one pair of breeding pigs is an AMPA Registered Breeder.  This allows you to stand out among breeders as being held to a higher standard of practices.  To contribute to the first online database collecting and storing factual data that will be used to advance the breed.  To permanently record your farm name and your mini pigs’ name in breed history.  You will become a part of the nationwide AMPA family, the benefits of which will grow monthly as we all unite together for the love of the pigs. As breeders in the registry, there will be more data to verify than pet pig registrations. There are discounted fees for multiple pig registrations and payment plans can be setup as needed. 


To register your breeding pig you’ll need the following: 


  • Pig’s name
  • Pig’s birthdate accompanied by proof of age in the form of an original breeder birth certificate, vet records, date stamp photo, etc. to be uploaded in the registration form.
  • Breed, if known.
  • Color, eye color, markings, any unusual characteristics.
  • Permanent ID; microchip, eartag, tattoo numbers if available.
  • Pig’s parents’ names; sow and boar.
  • Pig’s original breeder info, if known.
  • Measurements of height, body length, and girth.  See how to measure your pig here
  • Photos taken of those measurements to be uploaded.  
  • Credit Card or Paypal acct information for payment. See fee schedule here





Visit our website to learn more about mini pigs, find a registered mini pig breeder, become a member of the AMPA and register your mini pig in the official mini pig registry! 


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