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The American Mini Pig Association is proud to introduce Ashley Stump of Southern Stump’s American Mini Pigs in North Carolina as a Registered Breeder Member. Ashley has taken the required steps to stand out as an honest, ethical, transparent, and supportive mini pig breeder. She has agreed to follow the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics. Her social media has been screened and approved by AMPA, and she has taken photos of measurements of her pigs proving their size without a doubt to avoid confusion or misunderstandings with new pig parents. Ashley has taken the steps necessary to bring together expectation and reality! She provides thorough screening of potential pig parents and offers life time support for the pigs and their families. 

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Southern Stump’s American Mini Pigs specialize in healthy, socialized mini pigs ready to join your family. Ashley shares the family business with her husband, Matt, and their three animal loving daughters.  


The Stump family is passionate about their animals. They feel fortunate to be able to raise their family with compassion for animals with the value of hard work. Ashley spent many years as a cosmetologist until she decided to leave the business to pursue her passion of pigs and family life. Besides the human family members, the family also includes dogs, chickens, a rabbit, and 7 mini pigs including 2 Julianas! They truly live in country paradise, backed up to Belews Lake, with a large barn for the pigs and 3 separate outdoor runs. 


Southern Stump’s American Mini Pigs puts the priority on finding good, loving homes for the piglets. Ashley and her family dedicate a lot of time and love into preparing the piglets for these families. They have a great relationship with their veterinarian to handle routine and emergency situations, making sure the pigs have the best care. They will soon be able to ship nationwide! Once the piglets are weaned from their mother, they are brought into the house for daily socialization until they are placed with their new home. The family all spends time socializing the piglets, but the “Pig Crazy” daughters gladly put in the overtime! 

Ashley is always available to answer pig related questions, even for those who did not adopt from them. The Stump’s are truly dedicated! 


Ashley provides lifetime support to her piglets after thoroughly screening potential pig parents. She has a policy to take back any of her mini pigs for any reason if the owner is no longer able to care for them. She ensures her pigs will never want for a good home. Ashley is a shining example of a responsible breeder. She sets a standard that other breeders strive to meet.



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