American Guinea Hog Breed Standard


The American Guinea Hog is a true American heritage breed of domestic farm pig, perhaps over 200 years old. They developed as a landrace breed throughout the southeastern states of the USA. Anecdotal evidence suggests a European ancestry with other possible influences. It has been determined though genetic testing that the American Guinea Hog is a distinct breed.


Adult American Guinea Hogs (at 2 years of age) range from 22 to 27 inches tall, adult males sometimes averaging one or two inches taller than females. Older animals may grow larger. Because American Guinea Hogs easily fatten, care should be taken to NOT overfeed, especially with grain. Excess weight will likely lead to fertility problems. Fully grown adult American Guinea Hogs range from 46 to 56 inches, measured from a point between the ears to the base of the tail.

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American Guinea Hogs have medium-small sized, upright ears (sometimes slight bent at the tips in adults).
Head/Face: They have slightly dished faces with snouts that vary from rather short to medium-long. Slightly forward facing eyes are common.


Fully grown adult American Guinea Hogs range from 46 to 56 inches, measured from a point between the ears to the base of the tail. They have a straight to slightly arched back. From a side view, they should present a long, rectangular appearance (with flat sides and rounded corners). As a landrace breed, variations are common. Some hogs will be taller and broader at the shoulders with slightly lower and narrower hips.
Tail: The tail has a single curl.


Most American Guinea Hogs are solid black. A common variation due to a widely spread recessive gene, is solid black with minimal white points at the feet and tip of nose. Excess white (beyond the feet and the end of the snout) is discouraged. An extremely rare recessive red gene exists in the breed, and may rarely exhibit.


The American Guinea Hog is exceptionally calm and friendly making it an excellent choice for small sustainable family farms. They have exceptional mothering skills. Females with piglets are easily managed, as are adult males. They do well with children and a wide range of farm animals. It should be a goal of breeders to maintain the good temperament of the American Guinea Hog.

Life Expectancy:

The expected life span of the American Guinea Hog is 10-15 years.