Mulefoot Hog Breed

  1. Head and Face. Head small In proportion to size of body with great width between eyes; face straight or dished.
  2. Eyes. Clear and bright and full and expressive.
  3. Ears. Medium length, somewhat inclined forward; somewhat pointed; thin tipped.
  4. Neck. Short, thick, wide, well arched.
  5. Jowl. Full, broad, deep, with fullness back to near point of shoulder.
  6. Shoulders. Broad and oval at the top, showing evenness with the back and neck, with good weight from the top to bottom.
  7. Chest. Large, wide, deep and full; full behind shoulders.
  8. Back and Loin. Good breadth, straight or slightly arched; surface even and smooth; uniform thickness from shoulders to quarter.
  9. Sides and Ribs. Sides very deep, full, level between shoulders and hams, extending down to line of belly; well sprung ribs.
  10. Belly and Flank. Straight and .full, carrying well out to line of sides, lowdown flank.
    Hams and Rump. Broad and full, extending well down to the hock; should present a round slope from loin to root of tail.
  11. Legs and Feet. Medium size, straight, nicely tapered, well apart and well set under body; short; clean pasterns; strong feet.
  12. Tail. Medium length, large at base, showing good tapering.
  13. Coat. Moderately thick, offering good covering; hair reasonably fine.
  14. Color. Black, white points admissible.
  15. Disposition. Reasonably gentle and quiet, without trouble in handling.