Mini Pig Sedation, Sedatives and Anesthesia for Pet Pigs


Mini Pig Sedation and Anesthesia 

Written by Dr. Cathy Zolicani/Corrigan, October 2014


Pigs are a challenge to sedate or anesthetize for procedures.  There are many different choices for your veterinarian – in general, they will use the meds that they are most familiar with.  


Here are a few common choices:


1. Isoflorane gas is by far the best anesthetic to use if available.  It is often not available in the home.


2. TKX (telazol/ketamine/xylazine) – 2.2 – 4.4 mg/kg IM, can use additional 2.2 mg/kg iv as needed (reconstitute telazol with 2.5 mg of ketamine (100mg/ml), and 2.5 ml of xylazine (100 mg/ml)).


3. Telazol can be used alone for sedation – 4 mg/kg IM


4. For minor procedures like nail trims or tusk trims: 

Pre-treat with buprenex 0.03 mg/kg orally – absorbs through mucus membranes of mouth. 

Then  midazolam internasally (0.1-0.2 mg/kg IN). 

Finally dexdomitor 15-20 ug/kg IM  can be reversed with antisedan.


The least possible sedation to get the job done should be used.





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