Dolly of Little Rooters Shines in Education


Dolly the Mini Pig Hero

of Little Rooters Mini Pigs  

Dolly was born and raised at Little Rooters Mini Pigs. She is adored by the entire family, but has a special bond with young Carlee. Together they educate, advocate, and show first hand what responsible pig ownership is all about. 


Dolly goes everywhere with her family. They go shopping, to the feed store, and sometimes to school! Dolly visits schools and festivals to show the public the true size of mini pigs. Far too often breeders bring newborn or young piglets to these events giving the perception that mini pigs are tiny. Dolly is here to break that myth! She shows people how sweet, affectionate, trainable, and intelligent mini pigs are. These girls are Mini Pig Myth Busters! 


In addition to educating the public, Dolly the mini pig has made a huge impact on little Carlee. Dolly has shown Carlee the responsibility it takes to care for a pet pig, unconditional friendship, confidence to educate others, and just the right amount of challenges to build Carlee’s problem solving skills. Dolly the mini pig is helping to raise a confident, strong, determined pig advocate. We can’t wait to see what great things Carlee brings in life for the sake of mini pigs everywhere! 


Read about more Mini Pig Heroes at Little Rooters Mini Pigs. Several Mini Pig Heroes are related, showing the link between genetics and disposition. Plus, the great start of socialization and an appropriate amount of time with their mom before weaning helps lots! 


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