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healthy diet challenge

   American Mini Pig Education Healthy Diet & Lifestyle Challenge   January 1st to March 30th PRIZES FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS The one BIGGEST LOSER … Read more

Outdoor Time and Enrichment

   Outdoor Time & Enrichment      Mini pigs do best with daily time spent outdoors. Outdoor excursions allow them to be a pig! Spending … Read more

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Privacy Policy of American Mini Pig Association (“AMPA”) This Privacy Policy of AMPA describes the information practices of AMPA. If you have any questions … Read more

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The American Mini Pig Association, Inc. (“AMPA”) owns and operates this website. By accessing and using this site, you agree to each of the … Read more

Basic Skills And Tricks

Basic Skills There are a few basic skills to teach your pig so that you may have a well-mannered, easy to control pet. Teaching … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average size of mini pigs? Mini pigs come in many shapes and sizes and have different genetic origins and backgrounds.  All … Read more