Hanging Summer Treats: A Frozen Enrichment


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Hanging Summer Treats: 

A Frozen Enrichment

By: Pig Pen Hill Mini Pigs 


Are you tired of the same old Cheerios, and want to give your pig something different? Frozen treats are a great way to break up the monotony of everyday go-to. It not only provides a great enrichment activity but it is also a great way to cool your pig off on those hot summer days! The best part of these yummy treats are they are very inexpensive to make and you probably have the ingredients on hand! So, what’s in them? Well, that’s up to you! This treat recipe can be custom made to fit your pig’s taste buds and your imagination.


What you’ll need:

  • Bailing Twine 
  • 1 pkg of Koolaide, any flavor
  • 1 gallon container
  • Water
  • Fruit of your choice
  • Plastic food container
  • A place to hang your treat, a tree with low branches, flag stand, fence, gate, whatever you can hang it on. There is really no must have. You can even make your own hanger.



Step One:

In your gallon container, place one package of Kool-aide and mix with one gallon of water. DO NOT ADD SUGAR.


Step Two:

Cut up your choice of fruit into chunks and place in the plastic food container. It is best to fill the container at least halfway. For this particular treat, we choose to use water melon and some bananas that were starting to get a few soft spots.


Step Three:

Pour your Kool-Aid mixture into the containers filling them and covering the fruit. You may notice that some fruit will float to the top. This is okay and will allow the fruit to freeze at different levels. Cut pieces of your twine to the length needed to hang from the object of your choice. Twine can be re-used when the treat has melted or been eaten. Make sure to stick 1-2 inches of one end of the twine into the center of the mixture so the treat can be hung.


Step Four:

Place containers in the freezer overnight or until frozen. Once treats have frozen they are ready to hang! When hanging, be sure to hang at head level. For added difficultly and keeping those pigs busy, it is best to hang treats so that they are able to swing freely. Watch and enjoy! 



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