Mini Pig Introductions

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  Introducing Piglet to Other Pets   When introducing to other house pets, start slowly and watch for body language. A dog should be … Read more

Outdoor Time and Enrichment

   Outdoor Time & Enrichment      Mini pigs do best with daily time spent outdoors. Outdoor excursions allow them to be a pig! Spending … Read more

Rooting & Nudging Behaviors in Mini Pigs

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  Rooting & Nudging    Rooting is a natural behavior for pigs where the pig uses his snout to push or nudge into something … Read more

Spoiled Pig Syndrome (SPS) in Mini Pigs

  Spoiled Pig Syndrome (SPS)    Spoiled Pig Syndrome refers to the behavioral problems of a pet pig that does not respect his humans. … Read more

Introducing Piglet to Pets & Older Pigs

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  Introducing Piglet to Other Pets       When introducing a new piglet to other house pets, start slowly and watch for body language. … Read more

Healthy Treats for Mini Pigs – Training, Snacks, Travel

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   Order your AMPA Cookbook  on the American Mini Pig Store  The AMPA Cookbook is filled with 53 pages of creative and delicious recipes featuring Sukoshi … Read more

Teeth Grinding, Why Mini Pigs Grind

mini pig teeth grinding

  Grinding Teeth   Pigs grind their teeth for a variety of reasons. To determine why your pig is grinding you’ll want to pay … Read more

2016 Mr & Miss American Mini Pig Crowning

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  2016 Mr. & Miss American Mini Pig  Crowned Breeder Winners Congratulations to the winners of the Mr. & Miss American Mini Pig Pageant … Read more

Hold the Water! Mini Pig Excessive Urination

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  Excessive Water Consumption  Written by Dr. Cathy Zolicani   Diabetes Insipidus is fairly common in pigs.  It can be caused for 3 possible … Read more

Mini Pig Conformation – Breeding For Quality

  Conformation and Structural Soundness  Mini Pigs – Breeding for Quality   Photo Credit: Wittle Piggies  Todays mini pig breeders hold a great responsibility. … Read more