I Kissed A Pig & I Liked It! Teach Your Pig To Kiss



 The AMPA’s official Mini Pig Training Handbook: Tricks, Life Skills, and Communication With Your Mini Pig is the first training book of it’s kind! An impressive 130 pages full of training instruction, behavior, communication, problem solving, aggression, tricks, manners, and FULL COLOR or B & W photos to help you visualize the wonderful companion that is within your reach.


One of the keys to a long and successful relationship with your mini pig is training and enrichment. Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals. Highly trainable and they thrive when their minds are stimulated and challenged. A well trained pig is a happy pig. Every time you train with your mini pig, you are improving your communication and strengthening your bond. Training teaches your mini pig the skills she needs to be a well behaved member of the family. Training also gives her the tools she needs to communicate with you.


Basic Life Skills ♦ Harness and Leash ♦ Potty Training ♦ Fun Tricks  Obstacle Course ♦ Teaching Respect ♦ Enrichment Activities

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Mini Pig Training Handbook

Tricks, Life Skills, and Communication 

With Your Mini Pig 



Teach your pig to kiss? Easy!! 


This is an especially fun trick for all. It helps break the “personal space” of their face, as they feel good about that rewarding kiss. It’s also a great public event trick. Everyone wants to see a kissing pig! Plus, let’s face it. It’s very flattering to have a pig walk up to you with a big lip smack. 


Gather your supplies – easy to handle treats. A training clicker is especially useful here as you can *click* at the precise moment their snout touches your lips, or cheek, wherever you want to teach them to plant that smooch. Get on floor level with your porker, say “kiss” or your chosen command, and gently touch your lips to his snout. As soon as you touch, use your happy voice with “Good boy! Good kiss!” or click your training clicker to communicate that he did what you asked, then offer that precious treat. 


At this point, he’s going to look at you like you’re crazy. That’s ok. Do it again, and again, and again. Time your command, excitement or click, and reward to teach him exactly what he is being rewarded for – even though he isn’t actually doing the kissing quite yet.


If your pig is a little bit prude and backs away from kisses, try showing him some favorite treats, then close them in your fist and hold right behind your neck. Once he reaches up to get a better sniff of those delicious treats, give your command word, gently plant a smooch right on his snout, “good boy!” or click, and then reward. Even though you were giving him the kiss, still reward and praise to reinforce the behavior and place association with the reward. 


Reinforce the behavior and reward by repeating the drill. Soon he will get impatient waiting for you and he will plant a smooch right on your face! Be ready to cheer him on (or click your training clicker) and reward appropriately. He just took something YOU were doing and figured out how to turn the tables in order to earn a treat. Intelligence or love? I say both!  


When you’ve mastered this trick, be sure to send in your video to info@americaniminipigassociation.com so we can feature you on our Facebook page! 

I Kissed A Pig & I Liked It! Teach Your Pig To Kiss 

Training Series: Blog 5

What can you teach a pig? 

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Spin 
  • Crawl
  • Back up
  • Walk on a harness 
  • Relax for hoof trims
  • Come to their name
  • No
  • Out or leave it 
  • Shake hands 
  • Wave
  • Push a ball
  • Pick up objects
  • Paint 
  • Solve Puzzles
  • Honk a bike horn 
  • Play a piano
  • Play guitar
  • Kiss
  • Obstacle course
  • Swim 
  • Ride a skateboard





Where can I find more training resources? 


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