American Mini Pig Breed Standard

The American Mini Pig is a breed that has been developed over the years by combining a variety of breeds from around the world. Health and temperament are the most important aspects of the breed since American Mini Pigs have been developed for the sole purpose of being raised as pets/companions. A compact, sturdy size of 15-20 inches gives the American Mini Pig a smaller stature than other breeds, that is suitable for indoor/outdoor homes. The perfect size for a pet pig. Weight varies based on the body condition of the pig, with focus on a healthy, robust, athletic build where the pig is able to move and run freely with clear vision. Due to the variety of breeds that contribute to the genetics of the American Mini Pig, this breed is one of the most varied in color and markings.
SIZE: Measuring 15-20 inches at top of shoulders at maturity of 5 years old.
BODY CONDITION: The overall weight of the American Mini Pig should fit its stature as such that the pig is comfortable and able to run and move freely. 
HEAD: Proportional to body. Eyes should be open with vision unobstructed. Forehead slopes to snouts of varying length. Mouth and teeth should be healthy, proportional, and free of defect.
EARS: Ears should be erect and relatively small. 
NECK: Neck should be proportionate to the body without excessive jowls or rolls of fat.
BODY: Body should be compact and well balanced. A strong, athletic build.
BACK: Back should be straight without a prominent sway.
TAIL: Tail should be natural, straight, with a tassel at the end.
LEGS & FEET: Strong, proportionate, straight, well set legs. Toes should be even and forward facing. 
HAIR: Healthy, coarse hair that changes length and thickness with seasons. 
COLOR: American Mini Pigs exhibit any variety of colors and markings including but not limited to solid, spots, stripes as an immature color, and agouti as a mature color. 
SEXUAL CHARACTERISTICS: Females should have atleast 12 evenly spaced teats. Males should have two evenly sized, palpable testicles set in the scrotum. 
TEMPERAMENT: Even temperament, friendly disposition, intelligent and highly trainable. 
DISQUALIFICATION FROM BREEDING STOCK or UNDESIRABLE TRAITS: Cryptorchidism, hernia, atresia ani, entropian, wattles, mule foot, heavy wrinkling, swayed back, severe over or under bite that affects ability to eat.