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Find available piglets near you at the Mini Pig Classifieds. Your forever friend is waiting for you! The classifieds boasts AMPA Registered Piglets and also Pre Loved Pigs that are looking for a second chance. 


AMPA Registered Breeders are experienced with safely and comfortably shipping your new piglet to an airport near you. When air travel is a concern, there may be ground transport options. Discuss with your breeder the best way to get your new baby home.


Meet the AMPA Registered Breeders with individual introductory blogs. Find a breeder that matches your interest, reach out for support, have your questions answered, and place a deposit on a future litter. 


Choose an AMPA Registered Piglet to get the most out of your AMPA Membership, with benefits including:

  • An AMPA Registration Certificate 
  • Your mini pig’s name permanently recorded in the AMPA Registry
  • Your pig’s permanent ID or microchip information stored in our database
  • Be a part of the AMPA database and DNA testing to further the mini pig breed
  • Be a part of the movement to bridge gaps between owners, breeders, rescues, and veterinarians
  • Many more benefits coming soon!



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Visit our website to learn more about mini pigs, find a registered mini pig breeder, become a member of the AMPA and register your mini pig in the official mini pig registry!




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