Coronavirus and Mini Pigs

Keeping Our Pet Pigs Safe

With the worldwide scare of the Cornavirus comes questions from loving mini pig owners. Can my pig get sick? What should we do to keep our mini pigs healthy. We reached out to mini pig and exotic veterinarian Dr. Bridget Zacharias, DVM for more information.

“So information on the current coronavirus and pigs. There are two types of coronavirises that affect pigs…an enteric (GI) and respiratory. Neither one of these can be transmissible to humans, or vice versa. There have been no documented cases yet either of the current virus being able to be transmitted to a pig from a human either. As far as the actual pig respiratory virus…the signs are usually mild but if there are ever any concerns of a sick pig they should be seen by a vet. Unfortunately there are no vaccines for the pig respiratory coronavirus. There is a vaccine for the pig gi coronavirus vaccine but it has the most effect when given to the pregnant sow. As far as prevention during this time, and just to be safe for your piggies in general, don’t take them out in public places to show around. And I cannot stress the importance of WASHING YOUR HANDS before and after handling your pigs. Before…meaning if you have been out in public and come home, have been around other animals or wildlife. After, just for your own health.”