Help Bring Joy to a Terminal Cancer Patient



Mini pig owners we need your help!  One of our AMPA Registered Breeders, Charming Mini Pigs, received the following email today.  A loving daughters request:


“This is going to seem a very strange request, but, I am actually looking to “borrow” a piglet for a day. My mother has been diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer and has about 6 weeks left with us. She has always been such an animal lover, and, owning a mini pig was something she always wanted, but, my dad just couldn’t be talked into it! We have been checking as many things off her bucket list as possible….”


Unfortunately, loaning a piglet out for a trip is not an option at this time. Instead, we think the mini pig community can help bring joy to this dying mother by sharing a glimpse of the love these pets bring. We as owners know how therapeutic the companionship of a mini pig can be.  Their silly smiles, dirty snouts, and unconditional cuddles mean the world to us.  We hope to collect the photos and create a video to share with this family in the hopes it will allow them to smile in this time of emotion and heartache.


Please go to the American Mini Pig Association Facebook page to post your pigtures on the designated thread.


To help brighten her room and bring a smile to her face, Olivia and Petunia the pigs have painted a very special Snout Art! They have been trained to paint on command using their snouts to swirl the paint on the canvas. The final touch is a very gentle press of the snout as their artistic signature. This Snout Art is a 12 x 12 inxh wrapped canvas. It has a bright yellow background reminiscent of a warm sunny day. There are splashes of shimmery teal and red with a purple Snout Signature. Painted with love and donated by Snout Art, we hope this unique piece of art brings joy to this woman in her darkest days and then serves as a comforting memory to her family of her love for pigs!



















Let’s bring some holiday cheer to this family. Share all of the amazing mini pigs out there to put a smile on her face!

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