Mini Pig Allergic Parents: Allergy Symptoms From Mini Pig


Allergies To Mini Pigs

Written by Cristina Pettinato, Pig Parent 


Disclaimer: I’m not a vet or a doctor, this is my personal experience after seeing a ton of specialists. The best thing to do is to go to an allergist but these are the tips that helped me. Always discuss any questions or concerns with your allergy specialist. If you have any breathing troubles or symptoms, seek medical care immediately. These personal tips DO NOT replace medical advice or treatment.  


  • Get the blood test so you know if and what you are allergic to. (Saliva, dander,etc) regarding swine. You might be a candidate for shots. 
  • Check that you are not allergic to the litter – I use recycled paper litter from pet smart. Get a cheap brand (not clumping cause that’s bad for them) 
  • I take Allegra and Zantac everyday. Zantac is for stomach but it has a type of histamine blocker as well and the combination has really worked. 
  • Skin rash can be an actual allergy or a reaction to the hair being coarse so treat both your symptoms and look for ways to make the hair softer. 
  • I use chamomile tea bags on my eyes— you make the tea and freeze the tea bags and place on eyes. Also, the babyganics diaper rash ointment works great on ezcema spots and it’s mostly natural ingredients!
  • Give pig a biweekly bath where you scrub the dead skin and rub down with coconut oil. If baths are not an option clean with baby wipes and exfoliate with a brush. 
  • Add oils to the pigs diet for less flakiness: coconut oil, fish oil, avocado oil all help. I also like using conditioning spray. 
  • I use aveeno eczema body wash and body oil and use the lotion/cream from eucerin. Hydrocortisone (even better if prescription) when I flare too bad. 
  • During winter months I shower every day but only use body wash every other day 
  • When cuddling utilize a long sleeve shirt or wrap in blanket. 
  • Change your bed sheets weekly 
  • Put an air filter and humidifier where you sleep.



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