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Mini Pig Educational Posters 

The American Mini Pig Association has provided these educational posters for public use. Please feel free to save these photos and post where appropriate for educational purposes. If you have suggestions for educational posters, would like to see particular topics, or have design skills to help the American Mini Pig Association, please contact us at We would love to hear from you! 


mini pig educaional posters
mini pig educational poster
bottle feeding pigs
Say NO to 'Micro'

Parasite prevention and control is an important part of mini pig ownership. The dosing on the chart to the left has been provided by Dr. Cathy Zolicani, DVM.  Read more about mini pig deworming here


Regular deworming of your mini pig will ensure they are parasite free and will not carry the burden of mange mites or intestinal worms.

Here’s a handy list for new mini pig parents! Check out these helpful articles:


Items to have for your mini pig


Zoning Regulations 


Requirements for mini pig owners


What to look for in a breeder 



Mini pigs should never be sent to their new homes until they are 6-8 weeks old. Removing piglets from their mother prematurely can have deadly consquences. It’s not fair to the piglets or their owners to wean them prematurely. If a baby is orphaned, a bottle should be the last resort. Read more about raising an orphaned piglet here.  


Encourage support of removing misleading advertising labels from the mini pig community. We can all do our part to spread this message. Mini Pigs should be portrayed as their true size, without labels that suggest unrealistic sizes. Sign the petition here to show your support of removing these labels from breeders advertising. 


New mini pig owners need lots of support from the community. Here’s some informative articles:  


Emergency Supply List


Mini Pig Facts and Myths


Mini Pig Veterinary Search


Find an AMPA Breeder 

The American Mini Pig Store has an assortment of mini pig ware available. Supplies are ever changing so check back often to see what is new or in stock. The American Mini Pig shirts are available for a limited time. Order here now!!


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