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EVENT SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES – The AMPA is often invited to educational events, pet expos, and exotic animal expos. We hand out educational and promotional materials to thousands of individuals. A mix of devoted pig parents & those looking to learn more about pig ownership.



WELCOME PACKET ADVERTISING – A welcome packet is sent out to each new member of the AMPA. This is an ever evolving assortment of educational & promotional materials. The majority of new members come from internet searches, which can be an untapped market for Facebook focused businesses. This FREE advertising opportunity is very beneficial for making a nice introduction to a focused audience. Coupons, flyers, business cards, special offers, or easily mailable product samples are welcome. Email or message us on Facebook for details.



ADVERTISEMENTS ON THE AMPA WEBSITE – The AMPA offers paid ad space on the website as well as free features in topic relevant blogs or articles to help our audience in their research of mini pig care. For example, the AMPA Mini Pig Harness List has featured write ups and direct links to the Facebook pages and/or website of the most popular harness makers.



SEND YOUR DIGITAL COUPONS, DISCOUNTS, OR PROMOS – Send us your coupon or promo codes with a photo or flyer to be featured on the AMPA – American Mini Pig Association Facebook page. We love sharing great deals with our 20,000+ followers!



FUNDRASIER & PRODUCT DONATION OPPORTUNITIES – Support the AMPA’s 501c3 nonprofits, American Mini Pig Education and American Mini Pig Rescue. All donations to our 501c3 nonprofit organizations are tax deductible. Get notified when the nonprofits are seeking product donations for raffles or fundraising auctions, a great advertising opportunity! Add an optioal “Donate an additional $5” on your store check out for customers to tack on a donation to their order. Donate a % of each sale or a $ amount of each product sold. The education nonprofit focuses on spreading the message responsible & honest facts about mini pigs & their care online and at events. The rescue nonprofit helps to educate, advocate, support and protect mini pigs & rescue organizations. See HOW WE HELP page. The American Mini Pig Rescue also hosts a donation funded Spay Neuter Assistance Fund and Microchip Assistance for rescue organizations & owners that are unable to afford these much needed services. Become a regular sponsor of the Spay Neuter Fund to be featured on the American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates Facebook page & the SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS website page. Think of another way your business can support the American Mini Pig Education or American Mini Pig Rescue? Contact us!


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