AMPA is growing fast with 125 Members

The AMPA is growing fast with 125 Members!


The American Mini Pig Association (AMPA) officially launched its website October of 2015.


In two months we have 125 owner members, breeder members, and even rescue members.


The AMPA is averaging 60 members a month….that is two members per day!


There are many benefits the AMPA has to offer its members, including this beautiful certificate of membership. Register your pig and permanently record your mini pig’s place in breed history. Become part of the nationwide AMPA voice championing mini pig education, health research, acceptable mini pig care, and responsible mini pig ownership. AMPA’s reputable breeders are changing the way mini pig owners will search and think about mini pigs. The AMPA breeder members are doing away with misleading terms like Teacup and Micro pig, and moving mini pig size from weight to inches, just to name a few. Read more about what the AMPA is doing to make these changes, including two non profit organizations American Mini Pig Rescue and American Mini Pig Education.


AMPA Pigs with their certificates

Be a part of the movement in the mini pig world.




Owners, when you register your mini pig with the AMPA, you receive:

· A frameable AMPA Registration Certificate and your mini pig’s name recorded in the AMPA Registry

· Use of Veterinarian locator search tool

· Access to all information on AMPA Website

· Newsletters for Members only

· Continuing and Updated Education via Website, Blogs, and Video Conferencing

· AMPA Support

· Be a part of the AMPA database and DNA testing to further the mini pig breed

· Be a part of the movement to bridge gaps between owners, breeders, rescues, and veterinarians

· Have access to AMPA ethical and reputable mini pig breeders directory

· Help AMPA in rescue endeavors

· Listing on the AMPA Membership Directory


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