What To Do For An Overweight Mini Pig

By Cathy Zolicani updated on 03/01/15

Weight loss involves proper feeding and proper movement.

How much to feed:

Determine what your pig SHOULD weigh (this is, of course, an estimate).  So, if your pig weighs 200 pounds, but should weigh 150 pounds, you should feed him a 150 pound diet.  For correct nutritional balance, your pig should eat 1% – 2% of his IDEAL weight per day. Get a scale for the food, you will need to weigh it.  So for our IDEAL 150 pound pig:

150 X 0.02 = 3 pounds of food total per day.

150 X 0.01 = 1.5 pounds of food total per day.

If you do not have a scale, remember that a cup is 8 oz, or ½ pound. (3 pounds per day = 2 cups

x 3 = 6cups) (1.5 pounds per day = 2 cups x 1.5 = 3 cups).

So our 150 pound pig should ideally eat no more than 3 – 6 cups of food per day total.

Start at 1% of your pigs IDEAL weight per day. If your pig is not losing some every week, then

reduce the amount to 1% of his IDEAL weight per day.

Ideal weight 1% of weight (pounds) 1% of weight (cups)(approx.) 2% of weight (pounds) 2% of weight (cups) (approx.)
50 0.5 1 1.0 2
75 0.75 1.5 1.5 3
100 1.0 2 2.0 4
125 1.25 2.5 2.5 5
150 1.5 3 3.0 6
175 1.75 3.5 3.5 7
200 2.0 4 4.0 8
225 2.25 4.5 4.5 9
250 2.50 5 5.0 10
275 2.75 5.5 5.5 11
300 3.0 6 6.0 12

1 cup approximates 8 oz or ½ pound. 2 cups approximates 16 oz or 1 pound.

It would be better to get a scale and actually weigh the food.

What to feed:   ½ pellets and ½ fresh leafy vegetables

For our example pig:

1.5 -3 cups of an elder or low activity pelleted food.

1.5 -3 cups of fresh food – heavy on green leafy veggies.  Light on fruit.

  • If you feed treats to your pigs, make sure these are included in his 3 – 6 cups per day.
  • It is better to feed several small meals per day than 1 or 2 large meals per day.

How to make him move:

  • Do not feed from a bowl – spread his food out so he has to hunt for it and walk to it.
  • Use a treat ball or other device to feed so that he has to move.
  • Walk your pig for short walks several times per day.
  • Make him walk about a bit to get treats.

A little movement will go a long way.


  • A multivitamin once a day
  • A selenium/vitamin e supplement at least once a week, use a horse feed supplement that can be obtained at a feed store.  Feed1 tablespoonful once a week.
  • A 400 iu (= approx. 260 mg) vitamin E capsule once a day.
  • A 500 mg vitamin c capsule once a day.
  • Make sure your pig gets 15 minutes of sunlight per day (or 15 minutes in front of an SAD lamp).



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