Owners Code of Ethics

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Pig parents agree to love and commit to a good quality of life for all pigs.

Owner agrees to provide adequate housing.

  • Indoor housing will include “pig-proofing” the house.
  • Pigs are intelligent and strong and must root to be happy. Owners will recognize that this behavior can be destructive and will provide an area of safety for their pigs.
  • Outdoor pigs will be provided with appropriate shelter (that protects from rain, snow, heat, sun).
  • Outdoor pigs will have a safe fenced area or will be escorted on a harness and leash while outside. This is to protect from loss and from attack by stray dogs or hunters.
  • Pigs will have fresh potable water at all times (unless there is a medical reason to remove the water).


Owners will protect their pig from other animals – Owners will be aware that even well socialized dogs can be hazardous to their pigs and will take appropriate action to prevent accidents from happening. Owners will also be aware that pigs can be a danger to other pets, and will take appropriate action to protect all of their pets.


Owner agrees to provide adequate veterinary care.

  • Owners will have a regular daytime veterinarian prior to adoption.
  • Owners will provide the pig with regular veterinary medical care including spay/neuter, vaccinations where appropriate, nutritional counseling, hoof care, dental care, parasite control, and skin care.
  • Owners will research and find a veterinarian to use in case of an emergency.
  • Owners will have animal poison control information handy.


Owner agrees to only adopt if home is zoned for a pet pig.


Owner agrees to license the pig (with city or county) when appropriate.


If the Owner is renting, owner will obtain written permission to have a pig prior to the adoption.


Owner agrees to become educated about the emotional, nutritional, financial, health, space, rooting, exercise requirements of pigs (before adopting). Owner agrees to continue to educate themselves during the life of their pig.


Owner agrees to provide the pig with a “forever home.” If, due to unforeseen circumstances, owner must re-home the pig, the owner will work with the breeder to do so.


Owner agrees to provide an appropriate well-rounded structured diet. The owner agrees neither to over feed and cause obesity, nor to underfeed to keep the pig small. The body-shape scale should be used to determine proper size and body condition.


Unless already done, Owner agrees to neuter or spay the pig (unless there is a medical reason not to do so).


Owner agrees to educate the general public about pigs whenever appropriate. The Owner agrees to act as an ambassador for the AMPA, and pet pigs in general, whenever possible.

*** Continual Failure to comply with the AMPA’s Owners Code of Ethics will result in disqualification from membership if so decided by the Ethics Committee which has no financial or personal gain. ***