Traveling With Your Mini Pig

While traveling with your mini pig you must be aware that there are USDA guidelines that must be followed when crossing state lines.  If you are vacationing with your pets you will need to contact the USDA for information regarding the state lines you will be crossing.  If traveling by air you will need the destination state’s requirements to enter as well as the airline’s specific requirements.Shipping requirements vary from state to state. The United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service(APHIS) are the governing body over these requirements, state by state.  You must contact the USDA state vet office for the destination state to get detailed information on that state’s requirements for importation of miniature pigs, which are classified as swine, prior to scheduling transport by land or air.





These requirements may include; blood work, vaccinations, permanent identification, USDA health certificate, and entry permit number.  There may also be a quarantine requirement.  Ask for specifics and get that in writing so you may share it with your vet. Some of the blood work requirements may not be mandatory if your herd has been tested for the year. Ask questions and make notes. The information can vary from person to person, office to office, and state to state.

Please remember that the USDA or APHIS requirements are completely separate and unique to the airline requirements. You must comply with the USDA first, and the airline second for legal shipping into another state.

Ground shipping that crosses state lines will need the same USDA/APHIS requirements be met. A ground transport company may have separate and unique requirements that should be met second to the USDA.

For further information from the USDA please click here.


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