Ambassador Program

Who are the Ambassadors?

We welcome AMPA members who wish to volunteer their time to support the work of the American Mini Pig Education and American Mini Pig Rescue advocates in their local communities and states. The work of the association is most important to the future of mini pigs.  We need more educators and advocates in the communities involved in shaping our programs and sharing the importance of this work with other mini pig enthusiasts, thereby ensuring future support and improving the lives of mini pigs.


How can I serve as an Ambassador?

Our Ambassadors are individuals who enthusiastically spread the message of the association where ever they can. They

  • set an example for others by making a donation each year to support American Mini Pig Education and the American Mini Pig Rescue advocates work;
  • bring other individuals into the association who share an interest in improving the lives of mini pigs;
  • educate and advocate for mini pigs across the United States and Canada;
  • volunteer at a local rescue or sanctuary;
  • share information and posts on social media;
  • donate items for American Mini Pig fundraisers;
  • host or take part in an event that brings about awareness, educates, and raises money for the association to build our programs and ability to grow and make changes in the mini pig community;
  • work to change zoning laws in your city or town to allow mini pigs as pets;
  • next time it’s your turn to provide the program for your, 4-H club or affiliate meeting take the opportunity to tell your fellow members about AMPA;
  • visit local schools, libraries, festivals, and share the AMPA educational information and area pigs, rescues or sanctuaries in need;
  • if you have special talents such as; writing, blogging, artist design, computer skills volunteer those special skills for association projects;
  • post AMPA educational materials and links in local community sale listings and social media groups;


What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

  • Being part of an exciting and active “cause community” in support of the best pets in the world;
  • Earn points to enter the gold, silver, and bronze level member or breeder member to stand out among the best in the AMPA and pig community as a whole;
  • Earn points for your breeder or rescue organization promoting ethical relationships, education, and dedication;
  • Be recognized in the AMPA  blogs and social media by sharing your achievements, photos, and videos and become a celebrity Ambassador;
  • Receive a AMPA Ambassador’s t-shirt;
  • Receive a AMPA Ambassador’s decal;
  • Get featured on our website’s Ambassador’s club page;


How do I join?

Ambassadors may join at any time by completing the registration form. To learn more about the Foundation and its work, please contact:

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    Special skills, training, interests or hobbies that are relevant to being an AMPA Ambassador:

    What kinds of volunteer work are you interested in doing for the American Mini Pig Education or
    Rescue Advocates? (Check all that apply)
    Events, Trade Shows, Presentations or Speaking Engagements discussing the programs and benefits of AMPA, American Mini Pig Rescue and Education.Introduce others to AMPA by building relationships with those who share your passion for Mini PigsWrite Thank You Notes to Donors, Request or seek donations for auctions and fundraisers.Host an event that brings about awareness and raises money for the nonprofit programsAmerican Mini Pig Education and American Mini RescueProvide special skills or volunteer to work to assist the AMPA support American Mini Pig Education and American Mini Pig RescueOther

    If other, please list what kinds of volunteer work you are interested in doing:

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