Mini Pig Pros vs Cons

Mini Pig Pros

Mini Pig Cons

Pigs are extremely intelligent Their extreme intelligence can get them in trouble. Pigs need lots of attention and stimulation to keep their minds busy.
Pigs are emotional and sensitive animals. They bond deeply with at least one if not all members of the family. They can experience depression and act out if their family should take a vacation or they are relocated to another family.
Pigs can be very cuddly animals that may even enjoy sharing the family bed at night. Pigs hooves are sharp and can cause bruising if you are stepped on.
Pigs are highly motivated by food, which aids in their ease of training. Pigs are highly motivated by food, so they can learn to get into cabinets, trash cans, and the refrigerator. Baby proofing is a must.
Pigs are hypoallergenic, they have hair instead of fur. Their hair is course and sharp. They also shed out their entire body of hair at least once a year. This is referred to as blowing their coat. There are rare occasions when individuals will have a reaction to their pigs hair. This is typically manageable with over the counter antihistamine or allergy medications.
Pigs are very clean animals. They do not have a body odor and like a tidy space to sleep in. Pigs are pigs at meal time. They are notorious for getting their meal everywhere and tipping their water bowls.
Pigs enjoy outdoor time and seem to prefer using an outdoor potty area. Pigs root as a natural behavior which can destroy a yard and landscaping.
Pigs can be trained to use a litter pan. Litter, shavings, etc. can get messy and require constant cleaning as most pigs will not potty in a messy pan.
Pig maintenance such as hoof care, worming, grooming can be done at home. It can be very difficult to find a vet that will treat a pig if there should be a health concern or emergency. Please have a vet in place before adding a pig to your family.
Pigs can be trained to use a litter pan. Litter, shavings, etc. can get messy and require constant cleaning as most pigs will not potty in a messy pan.
Everyone will want to come and meet a new pig member of the family to cuddle and take pics with him or her. When you are ready to vacation with your family, it will be difficult to find anyone to watch your pig while you are gone.
It is very easy to fall in love with a pig and the love they give back is unlike any other pet. It is very easy to spoil a pig and when they do not get what they want they can be loud, pushy, and difficult to handle. A spoiled pig is a naughty pig.
Pigs can be bathed with gentle human products such as baby shampoo or dandruff shampoo. Pigs do not necessarily love baths. They will get loud, poop in your tub, and even jump to escape bath time.
Adding a pig to the family is like adding a new child. They have the intellect comparable to a 3-4 year old child. They require a strict routine that they can depend on, constant guidance with a firm, but gentle hand. Positive reinforcement for good behavior. They are like toddlers that never grow older, just bigger.