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Socializing Mini Pigs

Socializing Your Mini Pig Pigs are not born naturally social or trusting. Unlike a puppy, a piglet is not born tame. They are prey animals in the wild and instinctively will be nervous and want to flee as a response to movement, noise, or touch. Because of this, pigs require socialization and desensitization by the breeder or human in order to be pets. [...]

Traveling With Your Mini Pig

While traveling with your mini pig you must be aware that there are USDA guidelines that must be followed when crossing state lines.  If you are vacationing with your pets you will need to contact the USDA for information regarding the state lines you will be crossing.  If traveling by air you will need the destination state’s requirements to enter as well as the airline’s specific requirements.Shipping requirem [...]


Vaccinating the pet pig Recommended Vaccinations: Regional Differences: geography plays an important role in disease prevention.  Certain areas have some disease, some areas do not.  Always check with your local veterinarian and your local animal control to find out what vaccinations are rec [...]

Dental Care & Tusk Trimming

Tusk Trimming and Dental Care   DENTAL CARE: Pigs benefit from regular dental care, just like dogs and humans. Although most leave natural foods, toys, and dental chews to do the work, others want to be proactive in the dental health of their beloved pig. To brush a pigs teeth it’s best to start when the [...]

Hoof Trimming Freedom Acres Ranch demonstrating the pig cradle Hoof Trimming Basics Regular hoof trimmi [...]

Spay and Neuter

SPAY AND NEUTER FOR A HAPPIER & HEALTHIER PET Why Spay and Neuter Intact pigs suffer from the hormones surging through their body. This may not be as apparent in a breeding herd where they have an outlet for these urges and grievances. However, in a home environment, it is very obvious and damaging to the relationships with [...]

Therapy Mini Pig/ESA

Therapy Animals/Emotional Support Animals/Service Animals Pigs are incredibly intelligent and sensitive animals which can make them candidates for therapy animals or emotional support animals. By definition these are two very different jobs. Pig owners often choose to share their pig with their community schools and nursing homes. Spreading smiles and laughter with fundraisers and events centered around their pigs. [...]