Join a Committee

Breed Advancement Committee

The Breed Advancement Committee’s goal is to improve the overall betterment of the breed through database research, DNA research, as well as working with other registries or associations to achieve common goals.  Furthermore to help guide the breed in a positive way through selective breeding practices, breed standards, encouraged training, and promote legislation changes.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is set to raise funds supporting the further development of the AMPA.   Our mission is to provide support and education to owners, rescues, and breeders.  To educate about and promote legislation changes.  Recruit new members, breeders, and rescues.  To establish grants to aid rescue organizations, help with spay and neuter expenses, and medical care.

Rescue Committee

The Rescue Committee is involved with all aspects of displaced mini pigs within and beyond the AMPA.  The Rescue Committee will help build bridges through recruitment of rescues and sanctuaries.  This committee will help re-home displaced pigs, find, screen prospective owners and work as a liaison between rescues, breeders, and owners.  Pigs in need will have their own web space this committee will manage to promote,  along with  featured r [...]

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is comprised of experts within the field of mini pigs, as well as unbiased non-members of the mini pig community. This committee has developed and implements guidelines for resolving conflict and ethical disputes within the AMPA.  This committee shall be anonymous for their protection and the security of the processes developed to maintain an ethical standard, proper conflict resolution, and checks and balances within the assoc [...]

Marketing and Media Committee

The Marketing and Media Committee are to develop and implement all aspects of media coverage with the AMPA as well as recruitment for media coverage outside the AMPA. This committee will also develop and see through a marketing plan, utilizing social media, blogs, monthly newsletters, etc. Committee will seek out media coverage, utilize print magazines, news media, blogging etc.