Toxic Foods and Plants


Tips from The Pot Bellied Pig Manual by Lisle George, DVM

Approved by Cathy Zolicani, DMV

Clinical Tip: Do not feed wheat bran to mini pigs. The phosphorus and calcium content of bran is 1.15 and 0.14% respectively. Every 3 ounces of bran fed, increases the dietary phosphorus intake by 2.0 grams, but increases the dietary calcium intake by only 0.2 grams. Long-term overfeeding of wheat bran will result in an imbalanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus, leading to nutritional osteodystrophy.

Clinical Tip: Do not feed pigs un-pitted stone fruits. Peach, or nectarine pits will lodge in the small intestine.

Clinical Tip: Do not feed pigs unshelled walnuts. Shards from the cracked shells may pierce the pharynx, leading to pharyngeal abscesses.


Toxic Food and Plants

Approved by Cathy Zolicani, DMV

Toxic Foods List


Acorns & oak leaves

Moldy walnut shells


raw Lima beans

raw Kidney beans

raw Decayed sweet potatoes (black parts)

Castor beans

Tomato leaves and vine

Avocado – Skin and pit

Corn stalks (high in nitrates)

Rhubarb – Leaves (stalk is safe to eat)

Potato leaves and green parts of potato

Apple – Leaves & seeds

Apricot – Leaves & seeds

Pear – Leaves & seeds

Peach – Leaves & seeds

Nectarine – Leaves & seeds

Cherry – Leaves & seeds

Plum – Leaves & seeds

Broccoli – Roots & seeds

Cabbage – Roots & seeds

Turnips – Roots & seeds

Mustard Roots & seeds

Tobacco – leaves

Nutmeg- in large quantities

Cassava roots and leaves

Almond – Leaves & seeds (only wild or bitter almonds pose a threat, the almonds in stores have been heat treated to eliminate toxicity)

Raw cashews (the cashews at the store are not raw, and are ok to eat)

Flaxseed – in large quantities long term

Plants that cause Photo sensitivity:

Parsnip tops

Parsley Celery tops

Giant Hog weed


Saint John’s Wort

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