Training Your Mini Pig

Potty Trainings Tips

Mini Pig Potty Training Tips- Litter Boxes – Trouble Shooting – Clean Up – Signs of UTI Mini Pig Potty training is one of the first things a pig parent will work on with their piglet. This will be a lot easier if you set them up for success from the beginning!  First, decide if you want to train your baby to use a litter box or go outside or a combination. Potty training during wint [...]

Enrichment Activities For A Bored Pig

The Importance Of Enrichment Animal enrichment is the process of providing a stimulating environment for your pet. Enrichment is described as improving or enhancing the environment to provide an outlet for natural behaviors and needs through physical and mental challenges. These types of enrichment are used by zoos, sanctuaries, and pet owners worldwi [...]

Basic Skills And Tricks

Basic Skills There are a few basic skills to teach your pig so that you may have a well-mannered, easy to control pet. Teaching your pig commands, tricks, and basic skills at a very young age will set him or her up for success. You are teaching them the things that you will need from them to keep them safe and happy and in effect keeping the family pro [...]

Intelligence in Mini Pigs

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Move The Pig Technique

Respect of Space and Move The Pig Technique Respect of Space-Who’s the Leader If you have ever had the opportunity to watch a video of a herd of gazelle running across the savannah, or a herd of wild mustangs stampede across a prairie you may wonder how these groups of animals can move so flawlessly in unison together. Weaving [...]