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Pre Loved Pigs – Networking Adoptable Pigs 

Post in the following groups or website:

 – Post here first. This is a public group so your post can be shared into other groups.

Please include in your post:

  • Photo of the pig
  • Your location (City & State)
  • Rehoming fee (if there is no fee, please state that)
  • If you are willing to travel to meet potential adopters, and how far
  • Alter status (if the pig is spayed, neutered, or intact – if you don’t know, please state this)
  • Age of pig(s) in need of rehoming
  • Description that includes information about the pig’s personality, health record if known, behavior problems, living conditions such as indoor/outdoor, reason for rehoming, etc.

Other helpful information

  • Be sure to post ALL information needed to rehome. ask the poster to include location, age, gender, spay/neuter status, indoor/outdoor, travel possibilities etc IN THE ORIGINAL POST, not in the comments. This will cut down on a lot of back and forth chatter so we can focus on the pig and finding him or her a home more effectively.
  • Search for group members in your state or area by using the search function in the group.
  • If you are having trouble finding appropriate placement for your pig, please reach out to American Mini Pig Rescue on Facebook.
  • Screen potential adopters thoroughly. Just because they are members of a pig group does NOT make them a safe place for your pig!! Please, please, ask them lots of questions. If you would like sample adoption applications, adoption contracts, foster applications, foster contracts, or owner release forms, visit
  • If at all possible, PLEASE consider spaying or neutering the pig before allowing them to be adopted. Intact pigs have a much harder time adjusting into a new home and bonding with their new family due to hormones, aggression, and potty training issues. If funds are available, you may apply for $50 spay or neuter assistance through the American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates here.
  • If you are tagged on a rehoming post, please direct the pig’s owner to this guide to help them find a safe & loving home for their pig.

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The American Mini Pig Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting mini pigs through education and support. Helping to keep pigs in their homes, to connect adopters with adoptable pigs, to encourage responsible rescuing, and to bridge the gaps in the community for the betterment of rescued mini pigs. To protect those without a voice. 


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