Breeder Membership

Become An AMPA Breeder Member

Becoming a member is as easy as selecting the appropriate membership subscription below, fill out the required fields in the form, sign our breeder code of ethics, and upload photos of your pigs’ facility.  You membership information, website, and social media will be reviewed by the appropriate committees and you will be contacted upon acceptance.

Breeders when you become a member with the AMPA, your benefits will be:

  • The opportunity to register your breeding pigs and receive added benefits
  • Opportunity to track your breeders lineage and the lineage of related pigs
  • AMPA Welcome Packet full of great gifts, information, and discounts
  • Access to information regarding all areas of the mini pig world
  • Use of Veterinarian locator search tool
  • AMPA support
  •  Opportunity to use mentorship programs
  •  Opportunity to apply for non profit grant program
  • Listing on the AMPA Membership List
  • Help build relations between breeders and rescues to work together to help reduce the number of displaced pigs.

In order to be a Registered Breeder, approved breeders must register at least a pair of their breeder pigs. Once you are an approved Breeder Member of the AMPA, you can go to Breeder Pig  Registration and begin the process of registering your breeding stock. Once your have registered breeders you will get all the benefits of being a Registered Breeder of the AMPA. Legitimize your business, your breeders, and your future litters.

Breeders when you register your mini pigs with the AMPA, you will receive the additional benefits of:

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Registration paperwork for registered piglets
  • Use of AMPA registered breeder seal and logos for you marketing purposes
  • Permanent Online record keeping, reports, and documents
  • Your pig’s permanent Id/microchip stored in our database
  • Advertising opportunities on the AMPA webiste, Facebook page, and blog
  • Continuing educational updates
  • Listed on the Nationwide AMPA Breeders map
  •  Be a part of future DNA and database research
  • Keep track of piglets and owners
  • Start tracking lineage and provide your customers with pedigrees
  • High Website and Social Media Traffic to drive sales from educated owners
  • Listing on the AMPA Membership Directory
  • Advertising opportunities on the Mini Pig Classifieds website
  • Discounts on American Mini Pig Store items
  • New owner bundles for your customers
  • Discounts on the new AMPA Mini Pig Owners Guide and the AMPA Training Handbook

Benefits for Breeder Members without registered pigs are limited as we would encourage all breeders to register their pigs in the AMPA database.


Breeder Membership - Yearly Subscription $60.00 per Year.. Select Level [level_mk