Breeder Mini Pig Size Classifications

American Miniature Pig Breed Standard

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  2. The overall weight of the pig should be such that it is comfortable and able to run and move freely.
  3. Ears: Pricked and small
  4. Neck: Short to Medium
  5. Body: Shoulders level and in proportion, chest moderately wide between the legs, and a well-rounded rump
  6. Back: Strong, level to slight sway
  7. Tail: Straight when at rest
  8. Legs: Straight, well set, able to support the size. Pasterns short and springy. The ability to walk well with good straight action
  9. Feet: Strong and mostly facing forward
  10. Skin/Hair: Healthy, coat may be any color or texture
  11. Female Sexual Characteristics: A sow must have at least 12 evenly spaced properly placed teats
  12. Male Sexual Characteristics: Boars should exhibit masculine characteristics and have evenly sized testicles
  13. Temperament: Should be placid in nature
  14. Average height: 20 inches and under
  15. Average length: 18-30 inches

AVERAGE mature weight: 75-150 pounds

**Known crossbred animals can be granted a 50%-75% registration based on the AMPA breed standards**

The age, height, and body length of the parent pigs is the best indicator for adult size no matter what label or breed name is used to describe that individual piglet. A parent pig that is 2 years or older will give you a more accurate expectation of size on any piglet. Pigs grow and develop over time, most reaching skeletal maturity or adult height by 5 years of age. We encourage all buyers if at all possible to see parent pigs in person. If you can’t see them in person check your local area for other breeders and owners of similarly sized pigs to help give you a better idea of what to expect. 




Registration numbers will be coded according to age and adult height/predicted adult height for each individual pig.

Mini Pigs: Generally 20 inches tall and under. These are smaller mixed breeds of swine with a distinct build from that of other miniature breeds. These breeds include the American Mini Pig, Juliana, Gottengin/Guttengin, African Pygmy, Yucatan Micro, Swedish White, and various mixes of these breeds. There are many designer terms or size labels that describe the American Mini Pig. You will see terms such as, Teacup, Nano, Pixie Pig, Super Nano, Super Micro, etc. We do NOT support the use of these terms but understand that many breeders have used them to help differentiate themselves from other local breeders and are a part of their breeding programs names.

Registered Breeding Pigs

It is always best to ask the age and the height/body length of the parent pigs to get the best possible idea of estimated adult size.

Notes: There can be overlap in heights among some Standard Miniature breeds and Mini Pig breeds depending on the specific lineage of that pig.

Standard Miniature Pigs: Generally 18-28 inches tall. These are larger miniature pig breeds also known as “Full Sized Miniature Pig Breeds” that include the Vietnamese Pot Bellied, KuneKune, Yucatan, Ossabaw, Meishan, American Guinea Hog, as well as other breeds and mixed breeds.

Unknown Juvenile (J): For pigs under 16 months old with unknown parentage.   Registration code example: MC2UJ = Mini Category 2 Unknown Juvenile

Unknown Adolescent (A): For pigs aged 16 months to 5 years with unknown parentage.   Registration code example: MC2UA = Mini Category 2 Unknown Adolescent

Unknown Mature (UM): For adult pet pigs whose information was not re-submitted once full maturity was reached.



*Measurements of height are to be taken from ground to top of front shoulder.*

Age or maturity of registered pigs will be noted on registration numbers as Juvenile, Adolescent, and Mature along with the size classification code.

*All breeding animals must be free from any congenital birth defects.*

  1. Breeding pigs may be registered at any age, but will not be considered mature or full grown adult breeders until they have reached 5 years of age.
  2. We ask that all newly registered breeding animals also submit photos of parent pigs with any other information if at all possible. We understand that may not be possible in most instances, but we ask that if you can please submit them with your pigs registration.
  3. Piglets born from registered AMPA breeding animals must also provide photographs of the parent pigs.
  4. Breeding animals will be required to provide time stamped photographs showing measurements.
  5. Piglets and pigs under 5 years of age will be placed in height categories based off parents heights.
  6. Breeding animals will remain in the online database with sizing and information updated yearly until full maturity is reached to help better document growth rates and full mature height.
  7. We ask that once breeding animals are retired that information for registration be resubmitted.
  8. We ask that all litters born from AMPA registered animals be registered by the breeder via a litter registration.    

Registered Pet Pigs

    1. We ask that all newly registered pets also submit photographs of parent pigs with any other information if at all possible. We understand that may not be possible in most instances, but we ask that if you can provide them please do so with your pigs registration.
    2. Piglets born from registered AMPA breeding animals will have a registration transfer form with them at the time of purchase from your chosen AMPA breeder.
    3. Piglets and pigs under 5 years of age will be placed in height categories based off parents heights. If parents heights are unknown for pigs under the age of 5. The registration code will consist of the age registration code only until fully mature.
    4. We will ask that you re-submit your pigs’ current information to help keep our records current and accurate via time stamped photos showing measurements. If registration is not re-submitted once full maturity is reached the pig will be moved to the Unknown Mature (UM)category.