Favorite American Mini Pig Toys

Get your pig moving! Enrichment toys are a great form of exercise.

American Mini Pigs need daily exercise for their physical and mental health. There are a number of great toys and activities that can be used daily, for any age pig, to prevent boredom or to encourage movement. Click the images below for more information.

Encouraging movement is key for weight loss. If your mini pig has some extra pounds to shed add some food dispensing toys, puzzles, training as a way to distribute meals. Get rid of the bowls and add some fun toys. Join us on Facebook for tips on healthy weight in the AMPA Mini Pig Weight Loss group. You can find some information great information on weight loss here.

Bob a Lot
Rooting Rug
Push and Pop
Treat/food Dispensing Ball
Smelly Matty
Lettuce Ball Stuff it Full
Popcorn Popper for All These Toys!!
Pig Tunnel
Ultimate Obstacle Course
Walking Gear
Obstacle Course
Ball Pit
Trick Training