Yucatan Breed

Vision should be unobstructed.
The overall weight of the pig should be such that it is comfortable and able to run and move freely.

EARS: Large ears that erect.
HEAD: Narrow and long.
Nose: Medium to long and straight.
NECK: Short to medium, fat, even with body.
Tail: Medium to long and hairless.
LEGS & FEET: Long, straight, and able to support their size.
Female Sexual Characteristics: Sows are smaller, head and forehead not as wide.
Male Sexual Characteristics: Boars are larger than most sows with larger broader head and more masculine over all build.
Temperament: Extremely docile, easily controlled, and very active.
Average size: Sows 18-26 inches tall. Boars 20-30 inches. With an average length of 38-48 inches.